How did the story of The Little Doodles Group begin?

I'm Emma (Head Honcho over at The Little Doodles Group) and I love designing and creating new things. I can often be found with a pen in hand, doodling away on paper or sitting up late at night making new designs on the laptop.

I started my first business venture with a range of cards and small gifts before expanding into stationery in order to streamline my business. In doing so, I realised that I'd love to offer similar designs to others for their own home or business use and so I created two different Etsy stores (Little Sticker Doodles and Little Inked Doodles) to develop these areas further.

As the stores grew, I wanted to be able to offer all of our items through our own website, and this is how the story of The Little Doodles Group began. The new website update to join our stores together is set to open later in 2023 and this marks the next step in growing our business further.

You are most welcome to purchase from either of our linked stores here at The Little Doodles Group site, but you can also find our original Etsy stores at and if you'd like to view our items via an offsite platform.

Emma x